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Modern Fresh Flowers Bouquets

GlossierG Flowers offer a range of beautifully designed bouquets that showcase a modern aesthetic while employing only the freshest and most vibrant flowers available.

We offer a wide selection of styles that are both contemporary and stylish, designed to suit your individual taste and preferences. From minimalist arrangements with sleek lines to bold and vibrant compositions, our bouquets effortlessly complement any setting or occasion.

Flower Arrangement

How to keep your fresh flowers bouquet longer.

Keep your arrangements out of the hot sun or direct sunlight, any heat source (like TV or near a heat vent), and out of the cold. 

Bouquet of Flowers
Flower box

Care for flowers in a wet foam.

Check if the floral foam is wet or damp daily.

Add 1/4 cup of water daily or every 2 days (depending on the size of the bouquet) is enough to keep the foam wet. Better to pour water into the center of the flower arrangement to avoid the box getting wet.

Once the wet floral foam has dried, it cannot be re-wet.

Pink Theme Bouquet
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